We have a list of 12 mantras that we live and swear by. They keep us on the path of continuous self-improvement.



Don't take your eyes off your product

Our product is our raison d’etre and we don’t allow ourselves to forget that. In our drive to stay ahead of the curve, we are constantly innovating and experimenting with our product. There is not a day when we sit back and take it easy.


Focus on building relationships, not on increasing sales

Our mission is to build a great company that is loved by its customers and employees alike. Our focus lies in creating emotional ties with our customers. For an accounting of our net worth, we count the number of customers who come back to us.


Foster creativity

Creativity is not the exclusive prerogative of the design team. A bright idea can be born anywhere; in the hands of a finishing assistant or in the minds of a pattern master. Our job is to create an environment that fosters creativity, sometimes in the most unlikely of places.


Build team spirit

They say it takes a village to raise a child. We say, it takes the entire company to create a great product and deliver exceptional service. Everyone matters. It is important that the guiding principles of the company percolate down the pecking order and everyone walks the talk.


Under-promise and Over-deliver

We don’t make grand promises to our customers, employees or associates. But the ones we make, we keep. We pick and choose our assignments. We hum and haw over our plans. But once decided, we execute them with unparalleled zeal.


Own up to your mistakes

Despite our best efforts, we goof up sometimes. We are not perfect. But you will never find us hiding behind our mistakes. We are quick to own up, apologize and make amends. We make sure that someone else does not have to bear the brunt of our mistakes.


Pay attention

We listen carefully to our customers, employees, competitors, vendors and business associates. We stay abreast with the times. If we have an ear to the ground, we need to have no fear of being run over.


Never ever compromise on quality

Neither time nor money is worth saving if quality is compromised. Our reputation hangs on the quality of our product, not on the money we make out of it or the time we take to do it. Quality standards are non-negotiable in our work processes.


Put all your eggs in one basket

We are in the business of making clothes and we invest our talent, time and efforts in doing it well. We focus our energies on the one thing that gives us immense joy and intend to stay put doing just that.


Save resources

We sketch on the unused sides of our reports, we pay our cutters more when they conserve fabric and our tailors, when they save time. Be it water, electricity, stationery, production consumables or time, we inculcate a work habit of conserving our resources.


It's the little things that matter

The little details in our clothes, the small steps we take towards bettering our craft, the honesty in little things and the small victories won each day are important to us. We believe that great things are a series of these little things brought together.


Pay it forward

We have so much to be grateful for. Innumerable blessings have come our way. We believe in paying it forward to the community that has allowed us to grow and flourish. From 2006 onwards, in association with SOS Children’s villages of India, we have sponsored the high school education of over 70 children and the college education of over 20 students.