Finding Walden is a journey of self-discovery, and also our labour of love for the textile heritage of this country.  It is a collection that has traversed the path from Phulia to Mangalgiri, and from Sanganer to Masulipatnam. Each garment is a collage of vibrant hand-crafted textiles in an autumn conscious palette.

A design house dedicated to the traditional textiles and textile crafts of India.

Finding Walden

An autumn conscious collection in a collage of hand-crafted textiles.

Print Lounge

A medley of prints that pique the mind.
In colours that soothe the eye.
Silhouettes that let you sashay in abandon.
In fabrics that cuddle up to your soul.

The Other O

The Other O' with its palette of soft pastels and ecru; stripes and checks in varying measures and minimalistic peasant embroidery is a collection for the rustic sophisticate who can effortlessly blend old-world elegance with new-age consciousness.

The Muslin League

Enjoy our new range of feather-light Bengal muslins -The Muslin League. Gossamer cloud or mountain mist, call it whatever you will; this soft, hand-woven fabric belongs to the lineage of textiles that passed the ring test with flying colours.